In its function as a holding company, CleanTech Swiss AG oversees the operating activities of its daughter companies (see below) and manages the intellectual property (IP - Intellectual Property) of the company.

Any interested, external person or company can participate in CleanTech Swiss AG as a shareholder under certain conditions.

As early as 2017, CleanTech Swiss AG (formerly LPG suisse AG) set itself the goal of developing its own alternative powertrain concept through its current daughter company CombiFuel Swiss AG (since 03.2018) by mainly using liquefied petroleum gas (Bio)LPG and in the future also (r)DME, among others, which sets new standards in terms of efficiency, emissions and effectiveness. We intend to raise the environmental compatibility of internal combustion engines to a new level. This is to be made possible not only for gasoline engines, as there are currently already some long-standing competitors with classic conversion systems, but mainly for diesel engines in fleets, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, construction machinery and generators.

In parallel, the affiliate CombiFuel Germany GmbH (formerly LPG germany GmbH) worked on a second innovation, which has an enormous impact on the existing value chain in the supply of liquefied petroleum gas (Bio)LPG [(Bio)Liquefied Petroleum Gas] or (r)DME [(Renewable) Dimethyl Ether]. As a new innovation, CombiFuel Germany GmbH is developing the "FAAFS" (fully automated ampoule filling system). With this system, gas cylinders can be independently refilled 24/7 by the end user, independently of procurement markets and personnel. It can be compared with the refueling process for vehicles. Only the refill quantity purchased is paid for, so there is no need to transport supposedly empty cylinders by truck to the central filling facility and then back again to the dispensing depot. Environmental protection and capital savings are two key issues here. In addition, the vehicle can also be refueled with (Bio)LPG or (r)DME (depending on the installation variant), which closes the loop on both innovations.

Both solutions represent an unprecedented world novelty. For both innovations, advanced prototypes have been completed to date, which are expected to reach series production status in 2022/2023. The vision of CleanTech Swiss AG aims to achieve a long-term, socially and ecologically sustainable contribution to society with both world firsts. At the same time, a high level of customer benefit is taken into account, true to the company motto "Forward-looking and cost-saving: For a clean environment".