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«We create sustainable product solutions in the ESG investment space, that generate both lasting positive effects for the environment and high customer benefits. At the same time, a clear contribution is to be made to the globally agreed climate targets.»

Based on that mission statement, we focus mainly on
1) Alternative and environmentally friendly powertrain systems
2) Supply and infrastructure for environmentally friendly liquid gases

CleanTech Swiss AG is the holding company for its two subsidiaries CombiFuel Swiss AG and CombiFuel Germany GmbH.

Besides being a holding and investment company, it is also a patent holder (IP), licensor and contractor for product developments such as CombiFuel® and FAAFS®.

Our «green Revolution»

The classic drive system using combustion engines will remain in place for a long time and cannot be replaced in the short to medium term by electric motors or other alternative powertrains such as hydrogen. The

  • equipment of newly produced OEM combustion engines as well as
  • retrofitting of existing combustion engines (now approx. 1.5 billion in use worldwide) with environmentally friendly concepts will make an effective contribution to the significant reduction of environmentally harmful traffic emissions worldwide.

In addition to global mobility, it is imperative that the supply chains of the liquefied petroleum gas industry also become more environmentally friendly.

  • With the CombiFuel® technology, combustion engines (petrol or diesel) are modified to run on liquid gas or hydrogen in the future.
  • It can be used as OEM original equipment during vehicle production or as retrofit kit for existing vehicles.
  • Enables savings of up to 95% in pollutant emissions and up to 50% in fuel costs.

  • FAAFS© (Fully automated ampoule filling system) is the world‘s only fully automated (gas) cylinder filling system with integrated refuelling station for alternatively powered vehicles (from cars and LCVs to buses and trucks).
  • Fills gas cylinders fully automatically around the clock (24/7), regardless of fill level or material.
  • Simplification of the complex supply chain for gas cylinders, which has remained unchanged for decades.

Why liquid gas

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG/rLPG) is by far the most widely used emission-reducing fuel for alternative powertrains (~47'500 filling stations in Europe; and now the best choice for our environment. Renewable fuels such as rLPG, rDME and hydrogen (H2) will complement or replace LPG as a fuel for internal combustion engines in the future. Our CombiFuel® technology is universally applicable and will be able to support these rFuels.

Problematic natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) is deliberately not used and therefore there is no dependence on suppliers from the USA or Russia.


CombiFuel Germany GmbH

CombiFuel Germany GmbH, located in Elze (Germany), is on one hand responsible for production, on the other for research & development of the FAAFS technology and the fuel tanks for the vehicle technology CombiFuel® of its sister company CombiFuel Swiss AG. Our engineers and technical specialists have in international comparison a unique know-how in the concerned industrial sector. Furthermore, CombiFuel Germany GmbH operates a regional store in Hildesheim with gas sales, specific spare parts and other gas-related services.

The aim of CombiFuel Germany GmbH is to position FAAFS® on the global world market in cooperation with its partners. Sales for vehicle tanks are handled by the sister company CombiFuel Swiss AG.

CombiFuel Swiss AG

CombiFuel Swiss AG, located in Wangen SZ (Switzerland), is responsible for the research & development of CombiFuel® and realizes the necessary component certifications as well as homologations of the products. This is aimed at their worldwide approval and application. Furthermore, CombiFuel Swiss AG coordinates suppliers for production as well as distribution and conversion partners (CombiFuel® Stores), which ensure high-quality installations of the product, as well as long-term customer service while maintaining the highest quality stan­dards.

The company has been ISO 9001:2015 certified since February 2019.

In addition to the development and distribution of CombiFuel® technology, CombiFuel Swiss AG is also active in the vehicle trade (incl. e-vehicles), small series manufacturer sector, LPG filling station sector and other areas.


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