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What motivates CleanTech Swiss AG
We are at a crucial point in the history of our planet. Climate change threatens our environment and thus also the future of all of us. But as we strive to find sustainable solutions, we encounter obstacles. Politics, economics, banks and certain ideologies often block the way to innovative technologies that have the potential to save our planet.
Our technology vision
«We create sustainable product solutions in the ESG investment space, that generate both lasting positive effects for the environment and high customer benefits. At the same time, a clear contribution is to be made to the globally agreed climate targets.»

Based on this vision, the focus is on
1) Alternative and environmentally friendly powertrain systems
2) Supply and infrastructure for environmentally friendly liquid gases

What does CleanTech Swiss AG do?
It is an investment company, patent holder (IP), licensor and client for product developments such as CombiFuel®, CVS and FAAFS®.

Our «green vision»

The classic drive system using the combustion engine will continue to exist worldwide for a long time and cannot be replaced by electric motors or other alternative drives such as hydrogen in the short to medium term.

The following areas will make an effective contribution to significantly reducing polluting traffic emissions worldwide as quickly as possible by equipping them with environmentally friendly technology solutions:

  • Equipment for newly produced OEM combustion engines
  • Retrofitting of existing combustion engines (now approx. 1.5 billion in use worldwide)

In addition to global mobility, the supply chains of the liquid gas industry must also become more environmentally friendly. This is where the disruptive product developments FTS and FAAFS® come into play.

Retrofit technology for combustion engines

  • With our retrofit technology, combustion engines (gasoline or diesel) are modified to run on liquid gas or hydrogen in the future.
  • As OEM original equipment during vehicle manufacture or retrofitted.
  • Reduces pollutant emissions by up to 95% (depending on emission type) and fuel costs by up to 50% (depending on fuel costs per country).

FAAFS® (Fully automated ampoule filling system)

  • It is the world's only fully automated (gas) cylinder filling plant with an integrated filling station for trucks to cars for end consumers.
  • Fully automated filling of gas cylinders around the clock (24/7), regardless of fill level or material.
  • Simplification of the complex supply chain for gas cylinders, which has remained unchanged for decades.

Cylinder vending system (CVS)

  • At the innovative cylinder vending system (CVS), end customers can buy and exchange their gas cylinders automatically and around the clock (24/7).
  • A modern NFC card terminal and our intuitive smartphone app enable convenient payment processing.
  • Configurable cylinder portfolio: The cylinder vending system is equipped with a camera-based and trainable gas cylinder recognition system. This enables the integration of up to 48 (1 empty space required) steel, aluminum and composite gas cylinders up to a filling size of 11 kg into the operator portfolio. In addition, product range and price adjustments can be made via the web-based admin panel.

Why liquid gas (LPG)

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG/rLPG) is by far the most widely used emission-reducing fuel for alternative powertrains (~47'500 filling stations in Europe; and now the best choice for our environment. Renewable fuels such as rLPG, rDME and hydrogen (H2) will complement or replace LPG as a fuel for internal combustion engines in the future. Our CombiFuel® technology is universally applicable and will be able to support these rFuels.

Do not confuse liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG)
Problematic natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) is deliberately not used and therefore there is no dependence on suppliers from the USA or Russia. The gases are often mixed up or confused by the public, although they have completely different properties, extraction processes and transportation routes.

What can everyone contribute?

We need your financial support (donation) to advance and implement these technologies. They help us bypass the obstructionists and reduce the environmental impact that affects us all. The demand for our products is enormous, but we lack the necessary capital.

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